Our News Archive: 2010

Cat Adoptions $25

March 3, 2010

Kitsap Humane Society strives to provide forever homes for our pets in need; however, with a mild winter and spring nearing we are beginning to see what is to come with our feline population within our shelter. We are currently experiencing a high number of felines and are overpopulated. As a shelter we do not… Read Entire Story »

Calling all Equestrians!

Kitsap Humane Society plans in November to begin a winter food bank program for horses in need. In cooperation with Harmony Farms, hay will be purchased to be provided to qualifying low income households. Households in need of hay are welcome to apply for the program. Currently the human society only has enough funding available… Read Entire Story »

Guys Night Out

We had a great night at the Fairgrounds yesterday. Thank you to all our friends that dropped by to say hi! Big thanks to Silverdale Beach Hotel and Corless Painting among many others too, WOOF!

Hay for Horses

March 2, 2010

Please contact our front desk for information on our low-income hay program for families and horses in need.

I found an Angel

February 19, 2010

Ms. Angelica, my favorite feline buddy, has been hanging out scared at the back of her kennel for quite a while now. We had a huge breakthrough recently, Ms. Angelica approves of the new menu options, and is willing to nibble for us if accompanied with some gentle petting. Please come see our little Angel!… Read Entire Story »

Spread the Word to Help Save Lives!

February 15, 2010

The single most important thing that we can do to save animals from all the suffering and death that their overpopulation causes is to spay and neuter them. The Kitsap Humane Society is dedicated to helping end this crisis by offering and promoting spaying and neutering. Just one unaltered female cat and her offspring can… Read Entire Story »

“I was looking for a soul..”

February 9, 2010

“I was looking for a soul, somebody nobody else wanted. We needed a lap cat for our daughter who is chronically ill. We needed to find somebody therapeutic. We found a darling with a raspy meow, that had probably been through much just like us. We found Allie, she’s not aggressive and in fact loves… Read Entire Story »

Are You Prepared? Estate Planning for People and Their Pets

February 3, 2010

KHS is hosting a free estate planning seminar on February 24 at 6pm. The location TBA. The seminar topics are: Financial Investments; Legalities regarding charitable gifts; Estate planning for you and your Pets; and Tax deduction opportunities. Brian George, Financial Advisor, Edwards Jones – Richard Shattuck, Estate Planning Attorney and Brad Orser, CPA are the… Read Entire Story »

Teachers and Students Supporting the Animals at KHS

We are sending a BIG THANK YOU to the many teachers and students throughout the local schools. So many have chosen (and continue to choose) KHS as a place to learn about the needs of homeless animals and to have students engage in diverse ways to show their support Teachers have brought their students in… Read Entire Story »

For the Love of Animals

January 31, 2010

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 as a time for folks to express their love for one another with gifts, cards, flowers and the like. Knowing that so many people care deeply about pets, KHS is providing a new opportunity for the animals in the shelter to feel an even greater outpouring of love… Read Entire Story »