Adult Dog Adoption Information

Interested in meeting with an Adult Dog?

Adult dog adoptions are for dogs ages 6 months and up. Adult dog appointments are NOT self-scheduled via our online Bookings page.

If you are interested in an adult dog you see on our available pets page, please review the following instructions to schedule an appointment: 

1. Review the dog’s information thoroughly. Each animal has specific behaviors and needs in a home. If we have learned information or observed behaviors in a dog that indicate it has specific requirements in a home (for example, a home without other pets), this information will be stated clearly at the top of the pets adoption summary.

2. If your home fits the needs of the dog you are interested in meeting, email a completed adoption application to In your email subject, please indicate the name of the dog you are applying to adopt. Please note, submitting an adoption application for another animal type (such as puppies or kittens) does not place you in line to meet that animal. For adult cats, kittens, puppies, small animals, and livestock, you will need to schedule an appointment through the Bookings page here.

3. Once we have received your application, you will be placed in line to meet the dog you indicated you are interested in adopting. If other applications for the dog you are interested in adopting have been submitted ahead of you, the dog may be adopted before your application is pre-screened or before you have the opportunity to meet the dog in-person.

Please note, when you send your application, you are placed in line for the specific dog you indicate you are interested in. If you see other dogs you wish to meet after that point, you must email again to be placed in line for that specific dog. We will keep your application on file, so you don’t need to re-send it if we indicate we have received it. But your application will not place you in line for ALL dogs, just the one you email about.

4. Applications are screened in the order they are received. If your application comes up next in line for a dog, we will call you on the number(s) listed on your application and leave a voicemail if you do not answer (whenever possible- please be sure your voicemail is set up and is not full). Please note, that if emails/phone calls are not returned within 24 hours, we will move on to the next application in line to meet the dog.

5. Once your application has been pre-screened over the phone, our staff will schedule you for a time to come in and meet the dog you are inquiring about.

Please note, for adult dogs, all members of your household are required to be present at your appointment time. We also require that any resident dogs are present for the adoption meet. Adopters who do not come prepared with all household members and all resident dogs (if applicable) will not be able to move forward with their adoption meet.

6. If the dog has been adopted before you have the opportunity to meet them, and you have already been placed in line for that dog, we will contact you via email to notify you that the dog has been adopted. We will keep your application on file so you can apply for other dogs in the future.

Important things to note:
  • Once we have received over 4 eligible adoption applications for a dog, we will remove the dog from our Available Pets page. This does not mean that the dog has necessarily been adopted. However, we have limited staff to continue to review applications as they are sent in. If you have been placed in line for a dog, you will be notified when it is adopted.
  • Because of our appointment schedule and how full our appointments can be, it may be several days between when a dog is made available for adoption and when our first appointment can be scheduled. If you have been notified that you are in line for a dog but there are other applications ahead of you, we ask that you please not email repeatedly asking for updates on if the dog has been adopted. We will notify you if the dog is adopted, or contact you if your application comes up next for the dog, but we have very limited staff to respond to these emails.
  • Once we contact you to schedule an appointment, we require that you are available to meet with the dog within the first two appointment days we offer. If you are going to be moving, travelling out of town, etc. and will not be able to take a dog home for several weeks, we ask that you please wait to apply for a dog until it is a good time for you to bring the dog home.
  • If you come in to meet with a dog, we ask that you come prepared to take the dog home same-day. Please do not come to your appointment to “browse” other dogs, or just meet a dog for fun. We have very limited appointments available, and it is essential that we reserve these appointment slots for adopters who are seriously interested in the dog they have applied for. We will not permit you to meet with other dogs than the one you are scheduled for during your appointment.