Surrendering Your Pet

  • KHS Owner Release Form - Cat (Word)
  • KHS Owner Release Form - Dog (Word)


KHS accepts animals by appointment only. 

KHS accepts dogs, cats, and most types of household pets. We know it is never easy to give up a pet but our goal is to find each animal a new loving, “forever” home.  94% of the animals we take in are successfully rehomed. Most stay two to four weeks before being adopted. No animal “overstays its welcome.” Unless an animal is unadoptable (medically untreatable or unsafe), we keep it until it finds a new home.


Surrender fees 

KHS spends an average of $300-$500 on every animal it takes in. While an animal is here it receives daily care, vaccines, and veterinary care. If necessary, it will be microchipped and altered before it is adopted. Providing this level of care is expensive and as of January 1, 2013, we charge a surrender fee to help cover our costs. Fees are as follows: 



Altered animal

Unaltered animal

Standard price



Low Income

(people who qualify for food stamps, WIC, unemployment, and other government programs)




 Medical and behavioral assessments

Occasionally animals are brought to KHS that we believe are too sick or too dangerous to adopt out. In these case, we ask the owner to request euthanasia. Euthanasia is performed at KHS for a fee. The process is painless, loving and humane. Euthanasia is considered ONLY for animals that are medically untreatable or safety risks. It is never performed on animals that are adoptable and is never performed because of space or financial limitations. 


Before you surrender your pet 

Are you surrendering your pet because of a behavioral issue?

Many behavioral issues are treatable or manageable. Toileting issues, “mouthiness,” certain types of food and toy guarding, and many other troublesome behaviors are relatively easy to treat or manage if you know how. If a behavior issue is forcing you to relinquish your pet, we suggest you visit This is an excellent resource for pet care and training issues and may enable you to keep your pet in your home. 

Kitsap Humane Society Intake Hours for Strays:

Every day
11 a.m. – 4 p.m.


To make an appointment to surrender your pet, please call
360-692-6977, ext. 1123 or e-mail


Please bring in all medical records for your animal as well as a photo ID.

Please note: only owners may surrender their pet. 

To expedite your appointment, download the application:

  • KHS Owner Release Form - Cat (Word)
  • KHS Owner Release Form - Dog (Word)

KHS is a private, nonprofit organization. We rely heavily on donations to cover our costs. We welcome any additional donation you can make to contribute to your pet’s care.

If our fee is a problem for you, we suggest you look into the following alternatives to surrendering your pet:

Friends & family

Animal Rescue Families, 360-698-6576

PAWS of Bainbridge Island, 206-842-2451

PAWS of Bremerton, 360-373-7043 (cats)

Rescue Every Dog & Cat, 360-779-5775