Pet Memorials

              “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”



Once in a lifetime, if one is lucky, something or someone magical happens to us. Orion was my magical moment. We met when he was 3 years old, I thought I rescued him. However, I would come to realize that I was the one who was saved. I only had ten years with him, and it was nowhere near enough. He taught me how to work with dogs, by being patient with me and teaching me how to listen. He was my interpreter for the dogs I did not understand. He was not only my very best friend, but my working partner. Orion was also a clown, if humor is a measure for intelligence, then Einstein had nothing on Orion in the brains department. He could open a refrigerator and unweave a chainlink fence, only to appear in front of me with a big grin, as if to say, "Come see what I have discovered!" His unbridled joy when he ran through an open field in the sunlight was contagious, and I learned how to be joyful and fearless through knowing this amazing dog. The world is a little better place because he was here, and is a little sadder because he is gone.

Godspeed, dear boy, thank you for all that we were together, I wouldn't have missed a moment with you, it was truly an honor to be the one you loved and lived with.


  In Memory of Benji:   Benji you will always be remembered cause you were a member of our Family. No matter what was going on you were there to lift our Spirits and make us laugh at you cause you had such silly antics. You always were trying to get warm by cuddling up to the baseboard heaters but couldn’t get any closer. Whenever we couldn’t find you we always knew where to look . It makes us so sad that you are not laying by the heaters anymore. Or yodeling at us to give you a snack from the fridge. Or when we would lay on the floor and you would come lay down and start digging at us. As if something was under us that you wanted. The most memorable memory you left us with is the day before you died was when I had a plate of Peanut Butter Cookies and you Begged so hard and climbed up in my lap and finaly won me over and I gave you One Cookie But No you wanted more than one so as soon as I stepped out of the room you helped yourself to other half the cookies on the plate. At least you had a smile on your face knowing you got one over on me.

 Love You Always☺ Bubba Doo


Bogart finally succumbed to his battle with old age last night; he was about 20 (my longest relationship, as Joyce often joked). Unfortunately, I was in New Mexico on business and was not able to hold him (or Joyce) in my arms as it happened. But it was quick and peaceful. And he had been struggling with reconciling his ever-youthful mind with a failing body for a while now. I guess we all have that problem at some point. Bogart handled the burden with typical Bogart style.

The other dogs are already uneasy. Strange how they know...well, not so strange really. Our society treats pets as property---with no rights and pitifully few protections---yet they have feelings and intuition and understanding; they are aware. I'll never reconcile that dichotomy.

For those who knew him or knew of him through our infamous Christmas cards, or perhaps saw him as Mr. August in the Kitsap Humane Society's 2009 calendar, Bogart had had congestive heart and kidney failure for the last few weeks, and had symptoms of the same for more than a year.

The internist who was treating him commented that he apparently just didn't know that dogs weren't supposed to live this long. Possibly so. But he did know how much we loved him and how much we'll miss him. And as cliche as it might sound, he truly was a one-of-a-kind dog. And I think---no, I know---he had a wonderful life. And in no small way he made sure we did as well.

I hope somewhere he's out on the beach right now, chasing the waves, which he so loved to do.



                                                      1994 – 2010

Madison was a wonderful little beagle who brought joy into our lives every day that he was with us. He had an independent spirit and an abundance of personality. He dictated what we ate and when we ate it. He dictated when we went to bed and when we slept. He took up the majority of the bed even though he was by far the smallest member of our little family.

He also comforted us when we had a bad day and loved us unconditionally. A tilted head, a glance from his big brown eyes or shake of his big floppy ears brought a smile to our faces and made all the trials and tribulations of daily life seem insignificant.

It’s hard to come home knowing his cheerful look and wagging tail won’t be there to greet us. Watching television or reading a book isn’t enjoyable without his chin on our legs. Sleeping is harder without him cuddling next to us radiating warmth.

We gave him a full and happy life and in return he made our lives complete. He gave more than he took and his absence leaves a giant hole in our hearts.

He was a good dog.