Looking for a lost pet?


You are your pet’s best friend, and you are the one responsible for locating your pet. 

Coming into the KHS shelter to look for your pet is the only way to find out if it is here.

The following are the primary ways that Kitsap Humane Society assists pet owners in locating and reuniting with their lost pets. We strongly urge pet owners to microchip, license and ID tag their pets, and to keep their pet registration and contact information current. In 90% of cases this helps us find the pet owner.

Following the steps below will increase your chance of finding your petif it is at Kitsap Humane Society.

1.      Pet/Owner ID – If your pet has a valid microchip, ID tag, license, or rabies tag, and the contact information is up to date and accurate, Kitsap Humane Society will attempt to contact you.  However,  due to phone and address changes, we cannot always track down an owner even with an ID – so you should also follow the next steps: 

2.      Come to Kitsap Humane Society to look for your petYou are the only person who can identify your pet. If your pet has been brought to Kitsap Humane Society as a stray animal, we will keep it here for at least 96 hours before putting it up for legal adoption. If your pet is not here, we advise that you return to KHS daily to look again as sometimes lost pets stay missing for days (or even weeks) before being brought in. Please do not call us to ask about your pet. Too many animals look alike; we cannot identify animals over the phone. 

  Call Kitsap Humane Society’s Lost Pet Phone Line – (360) 692-6977, ext 2.

The KHS Lost Pet Phone Line is updated daily with the stray animals that were brought into Kitsap Humane Society within the last 24 hours. If you hear about an animal that sounds like yours, come into the Humane Society to look at it. Please do not ask to speak to staff about your pet, as we will not be able to give you information over the phone. On the hotline, we do our best to describe each animal, but descriptions are subjective, and your animal may have been injured, lost weight, lost hair or look different from when you last saw it. 

So you need to come to the Humane Society to look for your pet.    

 Click here for Kitsap Humane Society's hours. Please note, although the shelter is closed to the public on Tuesdays, you may come look for your pet between 12:00 and 4 p.m. To enter, go in the Admissions door on the right side of the building (if you are facing the front door).

4. Other resources to help you search for your lost pet   

a. KitsapLostPets.orgKitsap Humane Society partners with other local rescue organizations to offer this website to the public. At KitsapLostPets.org you can file a Lost Pet Report which will alert people in the community to the fact that your pet is missing. You can also search the Found Pet Report to see what animals have been recently found. Not all the Found animals are at the Humane Society. Some are being held by the people who found them or by other shelters. So if you see an animal that looks like yours, use the contact information on that page to find out where the animal is. Please note that Kitsap Humane Society does NOT cross reference the stray animals brought into the shelter with the list of Lost animals on KitsapLostPets.org as we do not have enough staff or volunteers on duty to do so.  Even if your animal is at KHS and is listed on KitsapLostPets.org, we will not call you to tell you it is here. You must come into the shelter to look for your pet.


b. Craigslist: We attempt to list all the stray animals that come into Kitsap Humane Society on Craigslist. But do not rely on Craigslist to locate your animal. You must come into the shelter to find out if it is here.