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What is Jimmy’s Fund?

Jimmy’s Fund is modeled after two Washington State University programs, the Pet Memorial Program and the Good Samaritan Fund. It is the brainchild of community leader Dr. James Moore, DVM, and dedicated to Dr. Rachel Strohmeyer’s family to commemorate the passing of their beloved dog Jimmy. Jimmy was a dog that had everything and lived a wonderful life; he now returns this kindness to those who are in need.


Jimmy’s Fund is a partnership with local veterinarians to offer financial assistance to pet owners in need, who would otherwise be unable to provide care for their pet. It is asked that participating clinics who provide these services do so at a discounted rate as part of the partnership, enabling them to provide lifesaving care to their clients. KHS is able to provide financial assistance for direct fees attributed to diagnostics and/or treatment prescribed by your veterinarian.  Funds may only be used at participating veterinary offices.



Who is Eligible to Receive Assistance?

Assistance is restricted to residents of Kitsap County and areas of the Olympic Peninsula that KHS serves, including sections of Mason County, Jefferson County and Pierce County. Applicants do not necessarily need to be low-income, but must prove need for assistance. Priority will be given to those facing financial hardship.



What Veterinary Procedures are Covered Under the Fund?

Jimmy’s Fund will cover unexpected veterinary needs due to injury or severe illness, which enable owners to provide the necessary care required to ensure a good quality of life, enabling their pet to remain part of their family. It will not cover routine care like annual exams, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, or minor health concerns. All applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 


How to Request Assistance?

Applications for Jimmy’s Fund are available at participating veterinary offices, KHS and online. Application must include: application for assistance, a copy of all relevant medical records, an itemized estimate of costs from the hospital performing services, and signed affidavit stating all information is accurate.


Applications are submitted to KHS and reviewed by the Medical Director. The Medical Director will inform the client of application approval or denial.  If approved, KHS coordinates payment directly with the veterinary office.

                                       Please submit completed applications to:

Kitsap Humane Society

ATTN: Jimmy's Fund

9167 Dickey Road NW

Silverdale, WA 98383


FAX: 360.698.9668


E-MAIL: jstonequist@kitsap-humane.org



What is a Typical Gift Size?

There will not be a minimum or maximum gift KHS will award, however typical gift sizes will range from $100-$250. This is decided on a case-by-case basis by the Medical Director and is dependent on current funds available. 


How is the Fund Replenished?

Jimmy’s Fund is primarily funded by donations made by clients or veterinarians in memory of clients’ pets at the time of euthanasia. However, private donations are welcome as well.  


Patient Application


Veterinarian Application