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Woops! Accidental Kittens? Please Consider Litter Abatement!

Many new cat owners do not realize that a female cat can go into her first heat cycle at an extremely young age – some as early as 15 weeks old! If you are one of those who accidentally waited too long to spay a young female, or your unfixed indoor cat escaped (they often become escape artists when in heat!) and got herself in trouble, you have to decide what to do with those accidental kittens.

Sweet Cleo Has Been Waiting Since January

Hi! My name is Cleo (Intake #42036) and I’m a sweet, 12-years-young gal looking for a forever home. I’ve had quite the journey so far. I was surrendered in December because my owners were moving and couldn’t take me with them. Then I was adopted in January, but returned only days later due to the health of my new owner. I have been waiting ever since for someone to pick me again. I’m a low-key kitty who loves to snooze on comfy beds and laps. And I don’t even mind sharing my space with other kitties, but I would prefer a dog-free home. I’ve got a gorgeous coat and beautiful sparkling eyes.

Garage Sale Benefiting KHS

All proceeds from this volunteer-led garage sale in Bremerton will be donated to KHS:


Found Kittens? What You Should (and Should Not!) Do

Our recent warm winter and early spring means a long and fertile kitten season is on its way. During kitten season, it is common to find a nest of unattended kittens that seem to have been abandoned by their mother. When people make these discoveries, the first impulse is to scoop up the kittens to “rescue” them; but that is not always the best thing to do. Here are a few tips about what to do to help any kittens you may find.

Looking for a great cuddle partner?

Hi! My name is Tracy (Intake #44116) and I'm a sweet little lady looking for a home. I am approximately 4 years old with lots of love to share! I’m a very happy, calm, well-behaved lady who loves to cuddle. I enjoy going for walks and would make a nice walking companion. Ask to meet me in the exercise yard and see if we are a perfect match!

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