It’s an ASPCA Challenge Stampede!

Come see Kitsap Humane Society at the region’s most popular event, the Kitsap County Fair. We are located in the Pavilion.

Raffle drawings are happening daily. Our most popular topic at the fair has been the amazing low cost spay/neuter program.

Wednesday we had videos of the ASPCA Challenge playing, and a countdown of the additional lives we have saved over and above 2010.

Friday there may be a special guest appearance of our friend Doug and his trained service cat!!

Help for Horse Owners and Horses

WHO: Hope For Horses Rescue, a regional non-profit

WHAT: Name-Your-Price Tack Sale to benefit horses and horse owners

WHEN: Saturday Sept 17, 2011 Noon - 4 pm

WHERE: Gold Creek Equestrian Center,
16528 148th Ave NE Woodinville WA

WHY: Provide affordable goods for horse owners while fundraising for horse rescue.

MEDIA CONTACT: Jenny Edwards 360-453-4040

But what if you’ve already adopted or can’t take an animal into your home?

Imagine how many lives you can save simply by hitting “Like” or “Share”…

Share the good word! Let’s get the lifesaving message as far and wide as possible.

How about adoption sponsorship?

That’s right, many of our secret adopters are good folks that never take an animal home. They sponsor an adoption by covering part of the adoption fee for the next home.

Adoption sponsorship is proven to help get animals out of the shelter faster, and keep them in homes. The new adopting family frequently chooses to pay forward again the adoption fee for the next family coming to rescue.

Why shop when you can adopt during the ASPCA Challenge 2011?

Most folks don’t realize that when you adopt from the Kitsap Humane Society, you are not just saving one life. You’re actually saving 2 lives! That’s right, you get to rescue your loved new companion and at the same time create an open space for another animal in need.

Delta Society Pet Partners Needed!

For nearly 20 years the Kitsap Humane Society has provided animal-assisted visits to local retirement, long-term care, and residential facilities. In 2011, we updated our program to follow the Delta Society Pet Partners criteria. The Delta Society is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving human health through service and therapy animals.

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