The Difference a Challenge Can Make

Have you ever been a part of something so great it can take you through the most difficult days? We are feeling it here at Kitsap Humane Society – and the mood is infectious. As an ASPCA $100K Challenge participant, we’ve seen great transformations. Our passion for what we do is spreading like wildfire and helping the pets’ and community we serve. Rehoming thousands of animals a year can at times feel like a battle fought alone, especially for shelter personal (too many animals, not enough homes). Until now!

Love is Such a Simple Thing

“Oh, but anyway, Toto, we're home. Home! And this is my room, and you're all here. And I'm not gonna leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all, and - oh, Auntie Em - there's no place like home!”
~Dorothy, “The Wizard of Oz"

A forever home. As employees of the Kitsap Humane Society, that is all we want for each and every animal. Why? Simply because we love them. Love is such a simple thing. Love is a virtue, representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection.

The Difference a Home can Make

To give them a home, many times is to give them life. This is a sad but true reality for a number of animal shelters across the United States struggling with pet overpopulation, cruelty, abandonment and neglect.
In communities everywhere, individuals who love and care for their pets like children are relying on shelters to provide support for them and, if nothing else, peace of mind that their companion will find a new family to love and care for them as they did.

Dog Parks are Great – But Safety First!

Since the weather has been so pleasant, many KHS adopters and dog training clients have inquired about taking their dogs to the dog park. Off-leash play at the dog park is a great way for dog-social canines to get good exercise and social interaction with other dogs. But, some precautions should be taken when entering the dog park.

The First time you go to the dog park

Honey is our Pet of the Week!

Hi my name is Honey (Intake #12609) and I think there’s no place like home, so I’d like to find one! I was found tangled in a wire trap and came to KHS in bad shape. Thanks to the loving staff, I am on the mend and just as sweet as my name. Remember, every Monday in August, adoption fees on adult cats are waived! Please come visit me and see if I’m the right girl for you.

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