The ASPCA Challenge: Rescue, Right Click, Rehome

Who would have thought a simple email or your Facebook account could save lives?

Perhaps we’re asking the wrong audience this. You after all are responsible for a revolution in the way animal welfare is practiced: bringing shelters into the digital age.

So, what have we accomplished?

Well, thanks to you KHS is one of the top shelters nationwide selected to participate in the ASPCA Challenge, sharing amazing company. This was thanks purely to the efforts of those online and using social media. Thank you!

It takes an Army to win the 2011 ASPCA Challenge...

...well in our case it takes a Navy!

Are you part of the USS Nimitz family?

The amazing sailors of the USS Nimitz have arrived time and again to finish large projects for the Kitsap Humane Society. Thanks to their efforts we are clean, organized, and properly equipped for the ASPCA Challenge.

So if you need something done, call in an aircraft carrier!

Our successes are thanks in no small part to the USS Nimitz, and with that we have very special adoption promotions ongoing.

How is the ASPCA Challenging Us Today?

The ASPCA is challenging U.S. shelters to improve operations and maximize lifesaving. Many routes exist for that lifesaving, most important of which is working together. Today the challenge is to maintain our energy and enthusiasm as participating shelters finish their first week. Many great things have been accomplished which makes it more important now than ever to push.

A Proactive Approach to Saving Lives

Each day at Kitsap Humane Society, in the early hours of the morning, the shelter is unlocked and the pets awake, excited for the new day and the hope of finding their forever homes. For some of them, the day holds a milestone not quite as exciting, but just as important - because today is the day they get spayed or neutered.

Calling all Kitsap Alumni: Please Come Home


Kitsap Humane Society is calling out to all our folks who once lived in this amazing region and we need help reaching them.

So many of us have moved around in this fast-paced world, and we know a great portion of you personally understand the magic of this area. You have lived here, you have shared our successes, you have shared our community.

Perhaps you were one of our incredible individuals serving in the armed services, having experienced one of the top requested duty stations in the US. Perhaps you grew up here and moved on to the big city.

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