Calling all Kitsap Alumni: Please Come Home


Kitsap Humane Society is calling out to all our folks who once lived in this amazing region and we need help reaching them.

So many of us have moved around in this fast-paced world, and we know a great portion of you personally understand the magic of this area. You have lived here, you have shared our successes, you have shared our community.

Perhaps you were one of our incredible individuals serving in the armed services, having experienced one of the top requested duty stations in the US. Perhaps you grew up here and moved on to the big city.

What can you do to save a life?

At your typical animal shelter, life saving takes on many, many forms. Sometimes lives are saved through surgery, sometimes through training, sometimes they are saved with the right words to a visiting client.

Every time, it takes unique individuals.

Stop by any community and ask about the local animal shelter. Chances are you’ll hear about the animals. So often though, we also miss the good stories of the PEOPLE who arrive.

The Importance of Adoption Outreach

Adoption Outreach is an important aspect of Kitsap Humane Society. Many people simply cannot visit the shelter for various reasons. So the shelter goes to them! We take animals to various locations and adopt them out to their new forever homes. Over the past few years we have averaged over 300 animals. We have the unique experience of following some of these animals for years. We had a dog named Diego that we adopted out four years ago and he and his family visit me every few months. I have watched him become a truly happy, loving and well-loved dog.

Save a Life, Spin the Tornado Wheel

Because there’s no place like home, follow the yellow brick road to Kitsap Humane Society and save a life today! As part of the ASPCA $100K Challenge, KHS is on a serious mission to save even more lives than last year. We’ve already set a personal best record for number of adoptions in one day and we are continuing full speed ahead! Get in on the fun and spin the Tornado Wheel Thursday-Sunday in August for a chance to win an amazing discount on the adoption fee of a new forever friend.


Two Great Events This Weekend!

Aug. 6 - Visit us at Woofstock, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at Todd Field on the campus of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. Rescue and adoption groups from all around the state will join pet related businesses and non-profits, along with great local musicians for a day of adoptions, music, shopping and fun for the whole family.

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