Barn Cat Program - Saving More Lives!

It wasn’t that long ago that feral or semi-feral cats would come into our shelter, and because they weren’t adoptable, they were euthanized. There were cats that came to us with behavior issues, such as not using their litter boxes consistently, and they were euthanized because they weren’t adoptable in to the average home. Good things have been happening at KHS and the felines have benefited from many changes. The most recent change is the Barn Cat Program.

Day 11 - The Challenge Continues

Woof Wednesday was a hit! Our canine residents were lively and yapping with the prospect of finding homes. Adopters receive 50% off main kennel adoptions on Wednesdays, and nine dogs followed the yellow brick road out of the shelter. Fifteen animals in all went home!

Kitsap Humane Streamlines Adoption Process

That’s right! The ASPCA sure knows how to shake things loose through the ASPCA $100K Challenge. We’ve taken a good look at our adoption process and are implementing changes. Future adopters can look forward to quicker service and better advice on the right match.

Hey, we know you’re adopting a family member and so you will never be rushed into a decision. We like that you take time to consider everything. We’re shortening a part of the process today to help with that.

Thinking about adoption but not sure?

You can try out something called “Foster” if you want to adopt but are unsure. We can get you trained very quickly to join in the fun.

Foster is an amazing option for families to see how living with an animal companion could work. It’s free, tax deductible even, and helps free kennels for other animals in need. Just stop in to talk with us. Even better if you don’t want to adopt but just want to HELP an animal in need:

Foster volunteers are also very special folks that take our animals into their homes for rehabilitation. We call them At Home Angels formally.

Dog Days of Summer at KHS

That’s right! The dog days of summer are officially here and KHS has a full canine kennel to prove it! We currently have dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds that are searching for their forever homes. If you are ready for a canine friend, wait no longer!

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